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Hi, I’m Sharman.

I help people revive and achieve buried dreams using personalized and proven methods that worked for me.

For many years, I led a busy and creative life; teaching in the day and working as a musician at night, including performing concerts in large venues with the Duprees, recording group from the 60s.

I also pursued composing and my first credit was co-writing lyrics for Here’s to the Band I was in the studio when Frank Sinatra recorded it!

Then I got side tracked by life.

When I retired from teaching, I wondered, “What’s next?” I worked thru many personal blocks and limiting beliefs to start the next phase of my life, working for myself.  I was able to complete some meaningful projects that were conceived of long ago and that I thought were out of my reach.

They weren't.

One of them was to record my original music. I get such joy when I say "Hey Google, play music by Sharman."  And it does!  I also completed writing, producing and filming the movie Does the Band Eat, currently on Amazon Prime. 

This is the best time of my life!!

That's why I developed Live Your Bloom and work with late bloomers, like myself, who have procrastinated their dreams for years and don't know how to get started. Some may be retired and have built up all sorts of self-defeating myths about why it’s too late.

Are you still breathing? It’s not. 

I teach people who want to change, get it done and Bloom through online community support, webinars, songs, stories and courses developed from what I've learned in my journey to a wonderful 'now'.

This could be the best part of your life!

Let's Bloom together in this journey of life.




I'm committed to helping Late Bloomers of any age discover renewed purpose and fulfillment through the sharing of life skills, stories and songs.

What I Stand For    

  • Age will not affect our choice to live wonderful, purposeful lives and establish our own priorities.  
  • For as long as we possibly can, we determine who we are and what we want from our life, how and where we spend our time and what we are capable of doing.  
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the performance


the movie




This collection includes 7 original light jazz tunes and 2 unique covers of vintage hits, "Wanna Be With U” by Dusty Springfield and the classic “More Today Than Yesterday” by the Spiral Staircase. The title song is dedicated to Sharman and Alfred’s beloved Llewellin Setter, Gaetano.

Great band – Sharman on vocals and piano, Jerry Bruno & Joel McLeod on bass, Bucky Pizzarelli & Mark Bowers on guitar, Joe Cass,Thomas "Poet" Johnson and RT Roche on drums, George Young on sax, Frank Valdes on percussion and producer and co-writer, Alfred Nittoli, on Yamaha DW7 Wind synthesizer.

Music can be found on: 

Unconditionally the CD on iTunes




This CD contains 9 clever pairings of lyrically related songs produced and performed by Sharman and husband, musician/actor, Alfred Nittoli. Though disguised by unusual rhythms, tempos, chords and harmonies, you’ll recognize many of the songs .

Terrific band – David Kikoski and Sharman on piano, Sue Williams on bass, Warren Odze, Frank Vincent, Harry Conyers & RT Roche on drums, Alfred on Sax sections, guest appearances by Dennis Gruenling on harmonica, George Young on soprano & tenor sax, Artie Schroeck on vibes and Joe Passaro on percussion.

Music can be found on:

Double Standards the CD on iTunes 

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