Group work sessions and more to break through

procrastination and get things done

I was a chronic perfectionist and procrastinator.  I planted dream seeds I wished, wanted and really needed to do, but just never made time to nurture. Everything else always got in my way. Weeks turned to months turned to years.....

I got sick and tired of being sick and tired of my own habits. They weren't working and the clock was ticking.

As I set out to learn more about it, I saw the value of group work sessions. I credit them with helping me breakthrough those bad habits,  get started and actually finish some projects  (like two CDs, produce a movie and co-author a book) and conceive of new ones. That's what happens.

Why do group work sessions work?  Even though we may handle a lot of responsibility for others at work and at home, holding ourselves accountable is sometimes challenging. Those of us with these issues love to learn about and support each other, as well as celebrate accomplishments. We get it.

That’s why I created 1 Stop Bloom, a low cost membership that includes group work sessions and a few other member requested classes strictly for fun.

Know what? Working in a group helps people get "unstuck".


Here’s the best part - the membership costs $21 a month,

but for the next two months during this promotion, you can have it for $18! 


This will give you time to explore and use the content and perhaps suggest additional topics as well.

I thank you for your interest and look forward to seeing you in our growing Blooming community of kindred spirits; people of any age who choose not to simply exist but get the most out of life for as long as they can.

What you get each 4-week month

        • at least 8 events

        • at least 6 two-hour or longer group work sessions

        • online Bloom Zoom support and discussion meetings

        • a variety of classes on topics requested by members

        • guest speakers

This is a monthly membership.

There is no time commitment.


Enjoy the discounted offer for the next two months thru May 31.

Just enter the coupon code upon check out.

Let's get started!


Ellen Lund

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of 1 Stop Bloom. The variety of events that Sharman offers are interesting, educational and fun. I particularly enjoy the work sessions because I am able to accomplish what I need to get done. It is well worth the time, effort and cost. Happy Blooming!

Barbara Jordan

Sharman’s beautifully bloomin’ online series has given me a new present and the possibility of a rosy future. I am moving in the right direction. 1 Stop Bloom is also full of FUN interludes, which I know I need, particularly during these difficult times on our planet. I particularly enjoy and feel empowered by the scheduled work sessions, where we all work on our own projects individually while a cosmic collective force propels us to stick with what we are setting out to accomplish.I’ve been in many groups and left them all, unsatisfied. This one is different, unique and certainly right for me.

Cece Otto

The 1-Stop Bloom community has been so wonderful! In a short time I’ve been able to try new things and focus on what really matters for both my life and work, all in a safe, fun, and inspiring environment.

Worth every penny!