Welcome to The Live Your Bloom Podcast

The podcast that hosts Bloomers community members who are pursuing new or renewed dream seeds. We'll  talk about the changes they made in their lives to achieve their goals and how they feel now. We'll also bring in experts in different fields to help open our minds and get us there.



Episode 01: Joe Long from The Four Seasons, still blooming after a lifetime of music

During my career, I’ve been lucky to have worked with some very talented and accomplished people. Joe Long, former bass player for 11 years with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, was definitely one of them.  In this honest interview...

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Episode 02: Pam M Olsen, on fire and doing it all 

I met Pam years ago and have enjoyed watching her transition and develop new careers, different yet complimentary of each other. We can learn a lot from Pam’s focus and methodical pursuit of her passions, interests and skills....

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Episode 03: Izumi Hara - What you need to know about the Red Cross

Izumi will talk about how the Red Cross started in Europe, the complexity and trustworthiness of their operations, and what we can do to support, no matter how little we may be able to offer. A little bit from a lot of people can have a powerful impact.

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Episode 04: Man of Many Strings

Many people use their retirement to dive fully into their passion. Such is the case with our guest, Wilbur Lewis, consummate musician and vocalist, a retired music educator, who has taught all levels from pre-school to college and senior/adult schools. 

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Episode 05: Investing in Real Estate is Not as Hard as You Think

I’ve always had an interest in learning more about real estate investing but was under the misconception that I would need a lot of money to be successful.

Why am I including this info for my audience? Self-care involves several things. Financial stability is surely one of them.

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Episode 06: Amy Tsai - Fit & Fierce Over 40

There are many components to self-care and to the overall field of fitness. No matter what stage of life you are in, learning more about it will help you form your own individual, inclusive plan that will benefit you in many ways.

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Episode 07: Conny Graf - Are you ready to deal with your de-cluttering problem?

Have you ever spent hours looking for something, wading through papers, drawers, closets that you meant to organize but then… got in the way.

My guest this episode, Conny Graf, knows all about. Through her program “From Chaos to Peace”, she has become an expert in the field of de-cluttering and says,
“The more objects in the visual field, the harder our brain has to work to filter them out. Everything in your outer environment is a reflection of something that's inside of you”.

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Episode 08: Allee Hu - The Long and Short of Long Term Care

Self-care involves so many things, but the object is to enable quality of life.

Alle Hu says “One of the best feelings to have in life is living a life of purpose, I become better through helping people to live a life by design versus life by default.” Learn more about it on this episode.

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Episode 09: Andy Torr - The League of Remarkable Men

This one is for the men.
We live the life we choose, or so we think.
Ever find yourself questioning those choices?
Do you spend your days on the hamster wheel of work and life, just so you can put food on the table?
Do you wonder why some guys seem so in control of their lives, while you feel like your life is running you?...

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Episode 10: Jeudi Cornejo Brealey in Full Bloom with Vintage Music and Fashion

I consider Jeudi a real Bloomer, someone who is totally open to learning and expanding her knowledge of promoting herself as a unique indie artist.

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Episode 11: Emma Back, Singing Out Loud and Changing People’s Lives

Unlike traditional music teachers and business coaches in the music industry, Emma helps her students reconnect to source by embracing their feminine divinity so they become a channel for music that elevates collective consciousness.

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Episode 12: Maida Celedon - Mindful Living and Healing Magic

Sometimes we’re making all the right moves, doing all the right things, living a full life, or so we think. Yet, we are not happy nor at peace. It can be helpful to think outside the box to learn, unlearn or re-learn the tools to free ourselves and Bloom.

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Episode 13: It’s never too late or early to develop a healthy lifestyle

As our lives progress, many of us are surprised to find that we may acquire elevated sugar issues or even full blown diabetes. That can surely get in the way of your Bloom! I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of controlling body changes in a natural way without medication.

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Episode 14: Marcy Barbaro, More freedom to pursue your passions

Did you ever get so busy with life, I mean just the day to day routine, that you just can't seem to make time to do that one thing that is really you, your passion, your personal Bloom?

Marcy Barbaro is a life coach, author, long time yoga and meditation teacher and former journalist. She's been there and has some great observations and suggestions for all of us.

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Episode 15: Fiona-Jane Weston and Cece Otto,
Two passionate performers team up and combine women’s history with music

These two performers from England and America are unique, informative and entertaining and share how they got together to create shows about women’s history through music.

Be inspired to live your purpose and live your passion in this episode...

And know more about their upcoming concert!

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Episode 16: George Young, Legendary Sax Player and Composer, Part 1

This month’s podcasts will be in two parts and feature legendary woodwind musician, George Young. Part one will focus on the early days. Both musicians and non-musicians will be inspired by George’s focus and discipline in developing his musical gift. 

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Episode 17: George Young, Legendary Sax Player and Composer, Part 2

This podcast will continue my interview with George as we move into his mid and later career. We'll talk about his time in the Saturday Night Live Band, playing for Sinatra and Bennet, practice habits, teaching and composition methods and how he is staying busy.

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Episode 18: Rebeccah Steele; Business and Lifestyle Wellness Intervention Coach

Starting a new business can be intimidating and overwhelming. I know it was for me, and I was constantly seeking online mentors to assist and guide me. So many choices, so much fear about making a mistake....

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Episode 19: Tobey Geise, healing dysfunctional relationships with food and body

Tobey Geise is a lifelong student, always seeking and evolving. She began her personal growth path in 2004, diving deep into self-awareness and transformational work....

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