Batgirl Forever....

I am so tickled by this story.
Gwen’s smile is, well, almost beyond description.

There are so many different kinds of smiles; affectionate, approving, compassionate, playful, warm, complicated, ironic, wicked….. think about it. One smile can convey so many emotions.

But Gwen’s smile comes from a deeper place, the fulfillment of a yearning that she dared to pursue. Often it’s that kind of pursuit that makes life worth living. And oh, the joy when it happens!

After a certain age, pursuing dreams are often deemed unreasonable, illogical and a damn waste of time. But just look at Gwen’s smile. She’ll tell you differently.
In 1961, 10-year-old Gwen Goldman wrote to her favorite team and asked to become its bat girl. Roy Hamey, the general manager at the time, declined her request in a letter that has been sitting in Goldman’s living room ever since.

“While we agree with you that girls are certainly as capable as boys, and no doubt would be an attractive addition on the playing field, I am sure you can understand that in a game dominated by men a young lady such as yourself would feel out of place in a dugout.”
This year, her daughter, Abby, forwarded the letter to current general manager Brian Cashman, who penned a new letter stating that Goldman could finally fulfill her childhood dream. He wrote back:

“Here at the Yankees, we have championed to break down gender barriers in our industry. It is an ongoing commitment rooted in the belief that a woman belongs everywhere a man does, including the dugout,” Cashman wrote. “Despite the fact that six decades have passed since you first aspired to hold down the position as a New York Yankees Bat Girl, it is not too late to reward and recognize the ambition you showed in writing that letter to us as a 10-year-old girl.”
That’s the reason for the smile. She’s in Bloom. Her smile inspires all who know her story.

Do you have a Batgirl dream seed that you planted long ago?
Is it time to be watered and nurtured?
Is it time for that dream to Bloom?