Abundance and balance...

I am so grateful for the many stories, quotes and philosophies that people send me that inspire me to question my values and priorities and grow in many ways. I have noticed that the more I grow and consciously filter my life through positivity, starting each day with gratitude, the more the universe opens up and offers more abundance and opportunities.

Recently, a friend wrote to me:

“I feel like I’ve been working my whole life towards finding balance….between my teaching job which is no longer fulfilling, my family, especially my daughter, managing our small restaurant and all the dreams I have for my personal life. Why is it that I never have time nor energy for those dreams?”

Boy, did her words resonate with me. Someone else might look at her life as being filled with abundance, but she was struggling due to the imbalance.


Keepin’ it real, keepin’ it cool

Tryin’ to keep my head afloat in a whirlpool

Keepin’ safe n’ warm in all kinds of weather

Tryin’ to keep body n’ soul together

Know what? I'm still working towards finding that balance, and have learned some valuable skills about how to work towards it.

The most basic - showing up for myself.

I wrote a song way back called “Abundance” about striving to keep a balance between body and soul, counting my blessings, expressing daily gratitude yet continuing to dream and strive. My song lyrics frequently serve as my therapy.

Sometimes I have so many things on my “to do” list that I find myself spinning around and not really accomplishing anything.

I know I’m not an expert in this game

Half the time I walk around I don’t even know my own name

But I know I can’t and I will not fall

Underneath the burden of the daily grind

In my heart and mind – I’m finding balance in life’s abundance

Recently, I received some great advice for an activity I want to share with you. Simply put, I wrote down all my goals and priorities - all of them - physical, spiritual, emotional, whatever, from traveling to Spain for the Flamenco Festival to ballet to releasing weight (oh, that stubborn 20 pounds!!) and making better food choices.

Wow, how to get that all in?

Next, and this was the key, I set them up in a linear fashion; what could I delay, delete or defer? Secondly, I prioritized the most important thing, that is, the very thing that would fuel my soul, help me find true balance, cease procrastinating it to "when I find the time”, but rather working everything else around that priority.

This wonderful quote by Stephen Covey is posted in my work space:

"The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule,

but to schedule your priorities".

I frequently hear the lament "My life is out of balance" , from many people, some of whom are in my WORK IT Membership. That’s why I formed Live Your Bloom, bringing together Kindred Spirits all striving for balance between body and soul and figuring out how to get it all in.

Got the sun up in the sky and the earth under my feet below

Got the love of my family and friends livin’ in God’s overflow –

Celebrate Abundance

At this point, I’m all about making better choices. How about you?

Got my choices to make and the chances to take

and live life to the fullest

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