In 2019, Alfredo and Sharman Nittoli completed a lifelong dream and made his feature length indie movie, Does the Band Eat, loosely based on his biography, I'm a Popular Unknown


Based on true events, six professional musicians meet in a New Jersey restaurant once a year and reflect on their 60 years in the music business. The story is told through the eyes of Alfredo, the guitar player and always the leader of the band. Although one of the main characters is Joe Long, former bass player for the Four Seasons, the other five never had a hit record but continue to work gigs. 

Through flashbacks, we travel through the 60s to the present and experience the the evolution of the business and the constant challenges of a musician's lifestyle.

We used real people, including some of Alfredo's friends who are still active musicians. Lots of original music, comedy, drama and truth. 

For more information and background go to the Facebook site, Does the Band Eat.

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