Episode 12: Maida Celedon - Mindful Living and Healing Magic

Sometimes we’re making all the right moves, doing all the right things, living a full life, or so we think. Yet, we are not happy nor at peace. It can be helpful to think outside the box to learn, unlearn or re-learn the tools to free ourselves and Bloom.

Maida Celedon is an energy healer & coach who has created a unique approach to Wellness & Intuitive Healing. Maida's teaching programs are for those who are committed to step into their power and start a healing journey that will help them live a life by design.


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Sharman Nittoli: 0:00
Welcome to the Live Your Bloom podcast where I interview people who are living their bloom and accomplishing long procrastinated dreams. But I also interview people who have specific interests or programs that could benefit us on our journey to Bloom, like our guest today, Maida Celedon is an energy healer and coach who has created a unique approach to wellness and intuitive healing. Maida's teaching programs are for those who are committed to step into their power and start a healing journey that will change and make the most of their lives. Now I know there's going to be listeners who are asking themselves right now, what does that mean? So let's get started. Welcome, Maida.

Maida Celedon: 0:43
Thank you so much for having me. Here, my, my pleasure,

Sharman Nittoli: 0:49
Let's just start with a little explanation for the listeners of what does that mean.

Maida Celedon: 0:54
So what it means, nowadays, we have a bunch of coaches, with their coaching tools that they can guide you into creating your life. But I feel that we're more than just our human self, we also have spirit. And I like to combine both tools. So I use energetic tools. We use Reiki, we use meditation, mindfulness, we move energies, but I also use coaching tools. So we can actually rewire your brain and get you just excited about life again, because life is exciting. And people need more of that. And also, with a little touch of fun.

Sharman Nittoli: 1:32
I love that because as you know from my site, that's what I believe. And I always add, no matter what the age, as long as you're breathing, you can still find your joy and your excitement from life, even if your body has changed and different things are limiting you. But still, there's so much there for you to experience. By the way, I also saw on your site, you are quite qualified and have several certifications.

Maida Celedon: 2:00
I was a little bit of a certification junkie" for a while. I love learning, I love updating my skills. I believe that to think outside the box, you have to get to know the box first. So I wanted to certify myself as a coach, I wanted to learn a bunch of energy and healing tools. And having that knowledge has allowed me to create my own version of programs that can take my clients to where they want to be. And that's my goal. You tell me where you want to be, I will take you there, I have the skills.

Sharman Nittoli: 2:37
Great. I love the confidence. I love it. And I know that you have an interesting background. So maybe you can share that with our listeners about how you came to this particular field.

Maida Celedon: 2:49
Oh, yes. So I'm originally from Chile, in South America. And I moved to Canada all by myself, I used to be a journalist and very much like corporate life and type A thnking. So I moved to Canada, and I'm trying to find work as a journalist, and it wasn't happening for me. On the side, I also love doing yoga and like other mindful practices. And I was at this yoga class in the park during this very sad downward dog. And then I felt like the ground shaking underneath me saying, "This is the best version of yourself". I'm like, what? I'm not feeding the hungry, like not building schools. I'm just trying to do a downward dog. And then I hear that voice again. So at the end of the class, I go to the teacher and I asked her like, "I think I want whatever you're offering". And her name is Hilary Fey. And she's like, "Yeah, let's go for tea". And we got together. Next thing I know, I enrolled in the Healing Arts Academy, I became a yoga teacher became a Reiki Master. And I started this process of like unlearning, and relearning and really connecting to myself. And then the real challenge came when I was in a five year long relationship. And that ended and I felt like I had nothing. It's like, everything I knew in Canada was gone. Even the freakin' furniture was gone, everything. But then I realized, like all these work that I've been doing, really cemented the fact that I did not have nothing. I had myself. And that was freedom. And that was being the architect of my own life. What I want to bring to other people, right, like you've got yourself and that's everything you need to do what ever you want.

Sharman Nittoli: 4:42
Yes, I love that. Your statement before of learning, unlearning and relearning. And that statement of confidence is that you've got yourself is such a powerful thing that some people feel that they're living, but then as they actually dig into it more they realize they're really not. Love that you said you heard your --what did you say this is your calling, or this is,

Maida Celedon: 5:04
this is the best version of yourself.

Sharman Nittoli: 5:06
Yes, this is the best version of yourself. We talk about that also on my Live Your Bloom group, we talk about the best version of yourself, which I feel that and I worked. I was a worker, and I'm sure you were too and you definitely know the type a person because I was a Type A for everybody else. But when it came time to doing my own music and my own, following my own calling, by the time I got to it, I was afraid. I was afraid with all the myths. It's too late. It's to this, it's to that. And it took me a while just to realize just get into it and start becoming the best version of yourself and see where the universe takes you, which has been to wonderful places, just wonderful.

Maida Celedon: 5:53
Yeah, and realizing that you're just on time, whenever you hear that fire inside you. That's the perfect time to start listening to it. Age is just a number. You can hear that fire at 10 you can hear it at 20, 30, 50. It doesn't matter. But the moment you hear it, go for it. Yeah, I look back. And I realized that I was being the best version of myself because I was uncomfortable. I was pushing myself. I was trying to like, I was just trying to hold myself. So I was being the best version of myself. And that really, really sad downward dog.

Sharman Nittoli: 6:31
Yeah, that really sad downward dog. Yeah. And sometimes you are fulfilling the job. And you're doing it really quite well. I was a teacher among a lot of other jobs. But you know, when you're gone, you will be replaced by someone who will do it their own way, not your way. And it's all just life just goes on. So even though you fulfilled the task at the time of whatever the job definition was, when it comes time to making up your own definition for yourself. We don't always hold ourselves to the same standard. We don't always put ourselves first, we don't always have a task of, a list of a shortlist of what we need to do to live our purpose. And I call it to Live Our Bloom. What is it? What is it we need to do? Right?

Maida Celedon: 7:16
Yeah, absolutely. And that is the first thing that I teach. And I was taught that a long time ago is to put yourself first and give from the overflow. Imagine yourself as a glass of champagne with, full of champagne, and you want to pour it into a bunch of empty glasses. Eventually you'll be out you'll be depleted, you'll be empty, and maybe you got to fill five, eight glasses. But if you do a tower of empty glasses, and you put yourself first at the top, imagine the champagne pouring down that glass, overflowing and filling all the glasses underneath and those filling the glass underneath and everyone's full. So when we give from the overflow, it's exactly that our cup is always full. We're always in a joy of giving, in joy of being, joy to be alive. Because we put ourselves first.

Sharman Nittoli: 8:08
Yes, and you know that a lot of people will struggle with the term selfish, you know that we're taught and I don't like to use that word selfish by putting yourself first. I just think it means that you love yourself and you're taking yourself seriously and you're putting yourself first as far as living your purpose, living your bliss, living your Bloom.

Maida Celedon: 8:32
The biggest example of the best teacher is the example. Right? So how can we teach others about joy and kindness and love? If we don't give ourselves joy, kindness and love? Right. There's nothing selfish of this tower of champagne that filling 1000s and 1000s of glasses, because you put one at the top? Right? Nothing selfish about that. It's self-less.

Sharman Nittoli: 8:58
Right. Very good analogy. I like that picture. So if someone comes to you, let's just say someone talking about retiring. And is curious, you know, when people take on some kind of a growth program like this, it's because it resonates with them, somewhere inside, they might not be jumping on board with everything. But they're curious because there's something missing in their life. So without invading all the techniques that you use, what would be the first thing you would do for someone? If it's like me, who would come to you and say, I'm here. I'm curious, where do we start?

Maida Celedon: 9:41
So I like to take my clients in a five step journey. And it's kind of like that journey towards yourself. So we start with a takeoff we see a blueprint, where you're at now, like what things need to be moved. Now we journey back into your body and your mind and we see your patterns, we see your family, your beliefs, things that you've been always convinced. And from there, we're going to look at what works and what needs to be unlearned. So we make room to learn something new. Then we journey back into the soul, where we really connect with that fire inside us, with that deep heart inside us that wants to come out with several tools, and then after journey back into the soul, we start the grounding and we start to land the plane. And we set up a blueprint of what's coming next. And we have weekly accountabilities, we have shared online journals, we have meditations, we work with mantras, we work with things that it's going to bring all this, we start with the knowledge of self. And then once we know what we want to work on, and where we want to get to, we bring it out, and we learn and we celebrate, and we anchor that. So it becomes a habit, we build empowering habits. It's never too late to learn a new habit, I strongly believe that it's not, that saying "You can teach an old dog new tricks" is absolutely false. absolutely false.

Sharman Nittoli: 11:13
Oh, sure, cuz I teach my old dog new tricks all the time. He so smart.

Maida Celedon: 11:19
Yeah, we're very adaptable creatures in this world. So if the doctor tomorrow told you that you can't have orange juice in the morning, because it's bad for your health, you're going to stop having orange juice. So that is a very simple example that you can adapt to whatever the circumstances brings you. And that's what I like to create with my clients.

Sharman Nittoli: 11:43
I tell my listeners that the program I developed was conceived of over 20 years ago. And then I wrote the songs and and it started to come together. It was such a personal, such a personal story, the songs were so personal, had a hard time releasing them. But time I gave my concert of my own original music. I just choked up, I said this is this is this is what it's all about. Who knows what's going to happen, I'm not talking about a Grammy or this or that or the other thing. But when I sit here, and I'm talking to my little Google, whatever that little thing is I say, hey, Google Play Sharman. Nittoli. And it does, Wooo, you know, and how long how long it took!

Maida Celedon: 12:29
Our gifts and what we have inside us. It's not just for ourselves, we have them for a reason. And to really want to bring out what's inside because it's not meant to be inside. It's meant to be out there to be celebrated, to be celebrated by you, to be seen, you are meant to take up space, there's room for everybody.

Sharman Nittoli: 12:52
I talk to people who say I've always wanted to write, I've always wanted to get back to my painting, I want to get back to my music. I have one person who just said, "All I want to do is make some clean, peaceful space every night, to read the great novelists, to read Hemingway, to read Faulkner, I just want to sit undisturbed with my little glass of sherry, and do that". And that was difficult for her to put herself first and claim it you know, I just love, I just love talking to people and watching them realize their that that voice that's been tugging at them, and then it starts to get louder, it's not going to go away never goes away,

Maida Celedon: 13:40
we also have to think of what is the cost of not doing it? The cost of not changing of not giving ourselves that space, what is the cost? And that is where I see when I ask my clients that, that's where I see the flip. And there's a change in energy, they realize how important it is to carve that space for yourself, to invest in yourself.

Sharman Nittoli: 14:06
So do you ever do group work? People have all different ways of dealing with their clients.

Maida Celedon: 14:13
So right now I am focusing on one on one work. In the future, I do want to create workshops to allow like groups to access kind of like all these techniques and tools. And I am constantly sharing a lot of teachings and things like that on my Instagram account. And if anyone wants to stay in touch and they're curious, or maybe they want to create their own group and say, "Hey, we're five people and we're interested in learning this", we can always, I'm very flexible and we can create something together. I love co-creating with other people.

Sharman Nittoli: 14:50
The best way would be to go to your website?

Maida Celedon: 14:53
Yeah, they can go on my website, just go on the contact form and say, "Hey, I you know, listened to you in a podcas"t so that way I know where they're coming from- "And I'm interested", and I will just get back to them and we'll start a conversation and I will add them on my information list. And I'm also very active on Instagram as well,

Sharman Nittoli: 15:13
I will have this on the page that is attached to the podcast.

Maida Celedon: 15:18
the spelling might be if I say right now to add Maedo Celedon, there might be an issue with spelling.

Sharman Nittoli: 15:25
That's why I want to be very careful. And the last thing I want people to know about you is that you are bilingual. And you do your work, your coaching in both languages.

Maida Celedon: 15:37
It's accessible for people that only speak Spanish or that it's Spanish and English, where I'm most fluent, I can defend myself in Portuguese, and a little bit of Italian, but it would have to shift to either Spanish or English to make the conversation fluent.

Sharman Nittoli: 15:53
I would think there are a lot of teachers that are having a problem adjusting to what has happened with the pandemic, and reviving that joy of teaching. Because teaching, you know, is a calling well, you know that, and a lot of people who are not teachers, they don't realize that, but teaching is actually a calling and most teachers, all the teachers that I work with, loved it. And it's hard for them to get....

Maida Celedon: 16:19
...to fall in love again with teaching. I do have a lot of people who try hard, that are teachers and I have seen firsthand, you know, their struggles to stay motivated, because they also have to motivate their students. So it turns out more work, right. So yeah, this, this could be really interesting work for them to kind of restart that joy.

Sharman Nittoli: 16:43
...When they come back in September. They're looking forward to their students again, but they need to recharge, you know,

Maida Celedon: 16:51
yeah, that's the thing, the first step would be to reconnect with themselves. And you know, have that self care moment of like," I'm filling up my cup, I'm putting myself first in this tower of champagne" that we weren't talking about, and recharge, because it's already one thing to deal with change, which some people have issues with that. It's not as smooth as it is for some for others. But the main thing is to recharge as you said, and like fill up the cup,

Sharman Nittoli: 17:22
fill up the cup, and gonna' write that down, fill up the cup,

Maida Celedon: 17:26
Fill up the cup and give from the overflow. That's what I always say, give from the overflow.

Sharman Nittoli: 17:32
I love that. I'm going to put that up on my wall over here of inspiring quotations. And then again, you have so many people that when they retire, "Who am I now?" Yes, we do want to rest. We do want to enjoy life. We've worked hard, we want to put our feet up, but only for so long. There are many people get work just as hard when they're retiring when they actually start listening to that calling that voice that tug that says "You know what, there's more here than just watching reruns and eating bonbons. You know",

Maida Celedon: 18:08
For the longest time, you're doing the thing of going to work and maybe you had a family, maybe you didn't, but you're doing like all the quote unquote, steps that society has handed you and then you're retired and you're like, "Okay, no one's handing me, what steps I have to do now?.But this is another beautiful opportunity to become the architect of your life.

Sharman Nittoli: 18:29
Love the architect of your life. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And for some people, it's quite challenging, because family can have a way of starting to claim your time. If you don't claim it for yourself, you know,

Maida Celedon: 18:44

Sharman Nittoli: 18:45
Boundaries. And I have a problem with boundaries. But I've learned quite a lot now. So this has been a real joy. I'm so glad that we worked together on this interview.

Maida Celedon: 18:57
I am so grateful. this was amazing.

Sharman Nittoli: 19:00
This kind of work can definitely help people find their Bloom and Live Their Bloom. with purpose and joy, and take their joy every day and don't feel guilty about it no matter what's going on in the world.

Maida Celedon: 19:13
Exactly. Giving from the overflow.

Sharman Nittoli: 19:16
Thank you so much. Maida,

Maida Celedon: 19:18
Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate this.

Sharman Nittoli: 19:20
My pleasure.

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