Lumari: Intuitive Life Coach, visionary and creation catalyst

Lumari is a gifted, internationally acclaimed Intuitive Coach, Creative Catalyst and Vibrational Energy Master. For over twenty five years, she has shown thousands of people all over the world how to create the High Vibe shifts to live their Higher Soul’s Callings and Create and Activate their Bigger Vision and Live Inspired.

Born with special multi-dimensional psychic, conscious channeling, creative and healing gifts, Lumari serves as a guide for personal and planetary change, evolution and awakening. She is an award-winning and bestselling author of numerous break-through spiritual, metaphysical and self-help books.

In a fusion of her creativity, inspiration, and spiritual connection, Lumari mentors with high vibration, psychic and practical wisdom, guiding her clients to continue to reach new heights of awakening, fulfillment and success in personal, creative, spiritual and business life - and have fun doing it.

She will be offering a six-week group course in the near future. You can go to her website to learn more.

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Sharman: 0:08
Welcome to the Live Your Bloom Podcast, where I interview people fulfilling old dream seeds or planting new ones, fulfilling their talents or developing new ones regardless of age. You know, when people ask me what Bloom means, I tell them it's a beautiful, on-going journey of evolving. But, have you ever felt like your personal journey has stagnated and that maybe you were not living your life of choice that is not living a life in bloom?

Sharman: 1:09

Well, my guest today is Lumari and we're listening right now to a song from her CD, Emerge Dancing. And it's called Ali Ma Ancho, which means my call is answered. She is a gifted, internationally acclaimed, intuitive coach, a creative catalyst and vibrational energy master. She's also an award-winning and best-selling author of numerous breakthrough, spiritual metaphysical, and self-help books. For over 25 years, she has shown thousands of people all over the world how to create the high vibe shifts to live their higher souls, callings and create and activate a bigger vision and live inspired, opening up the life in bloom. I agree that is really a mouthful. So without any more delay, I'm bringing on Lumari to explain it all to us. Welcome.

Lumari: 2:09
Oh, thank you so much. It's a delight to be here with you and everyone. Thank you.

Sharman: 2:15
Oh, my pleasure. So, where do we begin? We can start with what exactly you do when you say you are an intuitive coach? What is that?

Lumari: 2:25
So, I like to joke that I'm online with the universe. So, I get divine messages all the time. And I share them with my clients and my community. And so, and I have always been like that. So I have that direct access. Whether it's divine, whether it's specific angels, whether it's somebody's family who has a message. All of it is to help you- grow, expand, live in that higher energy, feel your gifts and share them. And then if there's things that are in the way, we just clear them.

Sharman: 3:04
Just like that. Boom. Clear. You are a creative catalyst, which I guess means that you inspire and facilitate the ability to do that clearing, huh?

Lumari: 3:14
And also, I connect with what I describe as the frequencies of creation. So as a creative catalyst, I help people connect with that creation frequency, which like you're talking about a life in bloom like a lot of times. It doesn't feel like you're in that creative flow. It doesn't feel like you're bringing it forward. So I also bring that to people in their own way, right? So it's not like a blanket creation course, but like tuning in each person so that their creative flow, their gifts, and everything move forward. And that's why I call it a catalyst because I helped create the spot.

Sharman: 3:55
Now I know sometimes at night when I can't sleep, I will put some music on and I started finding this music online that talks about raising your vibrational level. But as a musician, when I listened to it.

You know, sometimes I'm like: 4:09
"Oh, I can't listen to this". So I'm like, they're never gonna hit the bridge, you know, and I. But can that music raise your vibrational level? And what is the benefit to having a higher vibration?

Lumari: 4:25
Well, so I'll start with the second part. What is that vibration? So if you look at the world, like if I describe it in like reality everyday, how we live, okay? If you live with people who are really annoying, that's a low vibration. If you live with people who you have lunch together and you're laughing and everybody wants to pitch in and cook and, and you go, what are we going to do next? That's a high vibration. So that's like a regular world distinction, which we want to live in, in number two, right. We want to live with like, this joy, this freedom, this creativity.

Sharman: 5:06

Lumari: 5:06
No. Vibrationally, when we look at it, now another level of that is a frequency that resonate. So that would be more scientific, right? Which I'm not a scientist, so I could just feel the vibrations, right? So when you're looking at it, you would be looking if you're looking like musically, then there's energy and intention in the music that can help you raise your vibration, move the energy that's stuck and be present just something that's more joyful or more calm, depending on what fire vibration is for you. And, not everybody responds to it. So that's okay. Right? That's why we have so many different kinds of music. 'Cause not everybody likes every kind of music. Right?

Sharman: 5:58
I know that after a certain point in life, you may have family members who drain you. That's so common, you know, you may have a work situation. Pays you very well, drains you, because it's just not really in line with what you have evolved to be, or think I see a lot of that lately. It's just some people taking true leaps of faith, to improve the standing, the quality of their life. When they realize the people they're working with are draining them. And like you say, low vibration. So, when you come home, what do you coming home? What feeling do you have? If you had any intention of trying to do something at that point for yourself, you may not even have the energy to sit down and have a decent meal for a conversation. Forget about pursuing your dream, you know.

Lumari: 6:52
And what's interesting about that. And so there are lots of different practices that you can do to shift your energy. Right? That's why I talk about high vibrations. You want to be able to shift your energy and also sometimes that's shifting your thinking, right?

Sharman: 7:08

Lumari: 7:09
Like, I do very spiritual things and I also do very goofy things. 'Because sometimes goofy works better.

Sharman: 7:17
Goofy is good. It's like sometimes I write silly songs and sometimes I write serious songs, you know?

Lumari: 7:25
Exactly. And whether you put the silly songs out or not, doesn't matter, you wrote it.

Sharman: 7:31
Right. And I'm one of these people whose energy fluctuates a great deal. And, I think I speak for a lot of people where we never know if it's a physical thing, especially after a certain age, if the fatigue we're feeling that we're really not used to having that's getting in our way. Is it a physical problem or is it coming from a different place? I prefer to think the latter, but I don't, you know, I wonder what the balance is.

Lumari: 8:00
Well. Okay. So the free gift that I'm giving, even though we would talk about this later, we can talk about it now. Claim your spiritual real estate, okay?

Sharman: 8:09
It's spiritual.

Lumari: 8:12
No, personal sacred space meditation. That's what it is.

Sharman: 8:15

Lumari: 8:15
Okay? It's a short meditation. It helps you differentiate between your energy and other energy. Okay. So if you go in a room and everybody's annoyed, if you're creative, you're going to pick up the annoyance. So this is the personal sacred space meditation. It's really quick. You just do it. Clear everybody else's energy. Then you can tune into what's yours. So speaking to what you were talking about, right?

Sharman: 8:45

Lumari: 8:46
The other thing is like, you could sit there and go, "Okay, I'm a fatigued. Okay. I'm going to do Lumari's meditation". All right. "Oh, I'm not fatigued anymore. It wasn't mine. It was somebody else's I picked up." And as being super intuitive, I learned that the hard way, because I would pick up people's energy all the time.

Sharman: 9:07
And so how old were you when you started to realize you have this ability? This gift?

Lumari: 9:13
Well, what's interesting about it is I didn't actually recognize it until I was in college. But I had it my whole life. But my father was a drummer. And my mother painted. Right. So I thought all of these things that I was getting was I'm an artist, right? No, I still have all that creative stuff, but I just put it all in that category. "Well, no wonder I hear, you know, all the things that this person wants or no wonder I can fly out of my window in the middle of the night, made sure my neighborhood's safe". Well, know what, like, I just, I just do that right.

Sharman: 9:50
Oh, right. Yeah.

Lumari: 9:50
'Til I went to college. 'Till I went to college and was in a whole school of artists or I didn't went to art school and I started sharing because finally I could, and they're all looking at me like, no, we don't do that. No, we don't do that. I like okay, this is definitely something else. I better research.

Sharman: 10:11
So, was it a burden to you or was it beneficial or, how did you learn to trust it?

Lumari: 10:17
Well, since I had already always been there, I probably did some of the things that other people do, meaning like double-check.

Sharman: 10:25

Lumari: 10:25
But see, I could say things to people and do what happened. And I could check on people's health, like, you know, or their emotional well-being.

Like if their parents were screaming at them and they ran into their bedroom at night I would like go on and go: 10:34
. "Yeah, they're okay". I don't have to worry. Right. Like I just did that.

Sharman: 10:43

Lumari: 10:44
I just had conversations with angelic beings. I thought it was how my brain works.

Sharman: 10:49

Lumari: 10:50
I thought everybody had conversations. Now. You know, I know they don't, they might have a conversation with themselves, but not calling a whole bunch of other people who like, it's kind of like interviewing the experts, right?

Sharman: 11:05
Yeah. What you are an artist though, art, right? It might. Yeah. And you sing as well. I believe.

Lumari: 11:12

Sharman: 11:12
Yes. I remember. Yeah. So, you're still pursuing the actual physical display of your gifts, but you have this other gift as well, that serves you well. So...

Lumari: 11:24
Yeah, well, and that is that what I realize now is that is more comfortable for me because I can share it in so many different ways. Right?

Sharman: 11:37

Lumari: 11:38
So did I can and my joke to myself is I don't need like a 4,000 square foot studio for.

Sharman: 11:43

Lumari: 11:44

Sharman: 11:45
But you are a writer; you are a creator; you are a musician; you're an artist. You have I'm looking at. This is the book I read:  Living Inspired. This one here. You can see, I put tags all over the place, but there were so many things in here that I marked from myself and my see over here, I said: "I love page 31: The multi-dimensional flow". Because it's so true. It's an example of an exponential approach to living inspired, where basically you're living inspired. You have confidence, you touch me, you expand. You touch me and I give it back to you and to others. And you can realize how much better the world would be if we were all tapping into that and coming from an honest, pure, loving, spiritual place.

Lumari: 12:38

Sharman: 12:38
That is really what I feel the world needs so much more of. So I thought that was, I mean, there's so many good things in this and a lot about the light. Follow the light. Kind of like follow the yellow brick road. Follow the light. You have the trial light, you have the seven temples of vibrating light. Very interesting to break it down like that.

Lumari: 13:00
Yeah. Yeah. Well, part of how I work inwardly is I like to pursue something to learn more about it. So it's like, I would say advanced curiosity. So, when I was looking at, And this is the funniest story about that book, because I'm always connecting with inspiration and with, and sometimes I'm channeling whole business models for our clients.

It's not mine, but it's coming through. And sometimes it's like: 
"oh, this", you know, "a new book that I'm going to write and maybe publish five years from now". Because as the creator you do that, you know, you as a musician, you might write a book, you know, a piece of music and go, "Okay, now's not the time to release it, but I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna put my inspiration on hold".

Sharman: 13:48
No, I have learned not to do that. I stop and I always tell people when you get an idea, stop what you're doing.

Lumari: 13:55

Sharman: 13:56
Tape it. Do something because you will not remember it when you get home or when you get up. It just will not happen. That's why God invented the iPhone with the memo ability.

Lumari: 14:09
Well, you know, the Divine. If you get inspiration to divine is tapping you. Right?

Sharman: 14:15

Lumari: 14:15
"Ooh, look what I have for you". So you're going to go to the divine. "Yeah. Later. I'll get back!" But I wrote this book because I love inspiration and I get it on many different levels. And this is the silly part of it, because this is the artistic rebellious part of me. I had walked. Turn the television on- I usually don't watch TV- but I turned it on and there was a commercial.

And this was what the commercial said: "Pork:
be inspired". And I went: 
"what!? What!? What! What!"

Sharman: 14:52
"What is the connection?!" Yeah.

Lumari: 14:53
It's like, they wanted you to like find different recipes to cook pork.

Lumari: 14:58
I'm like: "Are you kidding me?" And then all of a sudden I'm getting this download. It's like, well, now you need to really tell people what inspiration is, because, this is what they're doing to inspiration. Like, no.

Sharman: 15:10
Yeah. And that right there is a, is something I've noticed in the world today and I'm gathering thoughts about this, that there are a lot of connections being made that are not right. They're not appropriate there. They're purposely connecting two things that do not belong together and you see it over and over. Well, if you feel that way, then you must be this. Well, if that's what you think, then you must be this. And one has nothing to do with the other at all. And I'm just wondering the damage that that's going to do on the ability to make respectful relationships, to have respectful discussions and to express yourself. I don't know who that's going to inhibit, you know, but ultimately..

Lumari: 15:54
Well, exactly.

Sharman: 15:56

Lumari: 15:56

And that's why I wrote all of these different levels of inspiration so that you could read the book in your "Oh no". "Oh yeah, I've experienced this"; "Ooh. I wonder what this part is". That's a whole other level of inspiration that I can play in because the conversation that some people have in the world about this are based on either, just because they think you should do it that way or some societal thing, whether it's political, religious, family, right? And I know the divine is bigger than all of that. Because we're just a small part of the universe here on this planet. So those rules like really, you know, on a planet X, Y, and Z. Five, you know, galaxies away from us. Do you think that's the same thing? No. And the inspiration to create like you say, gloom, like dazzle, we're here to do.

Sharman: 16:59
Yeah. And a lot of people don't trust it when they're younger. And certainly as they get older, which a lot of those, mostly my clientele, it's still there. It hasn't left because it never does leave, but all of a sudden it becomes a distant memory. Oh, it's on that list of, I wish I had done this, or I wish I had done that when, just by doing the very thing that you're thinking about could have such a synergistic effect on so many people. You have a wonderful- I'm looking for it because I know I highlighted it , oh, it doesn't even matter whether your family and friends are excited for you and support you. Which of course I hope they do, but don't count on them for it because when you, it has my experience. When you start to expand and start to grow, your support will come from the most unlikely places- new relationships. Don't count on your family and friends, because they may not get it. They may not understand what you're doing.

Lumari: 17:58

Sharman: 17:59
You still got to do it.

Lumari: 18:01
Well, that's the thing. If you're getting this inspiration, cause that's part of life. What I work with all my clients, this is part of creating your bigger vision and who you are and how you're going to do you in the world.

Sharman: 18:15

Lumari: 18:16
No matter what happened in the past, if the Divine is giving you inspiration, you just go. "Thank you. Hold on, let me get my pen or let me get my phone, or let me do this or let me be quiet", or whatever it is, I mean... Right. It's honoring yourself because you received it. And then it's honoring the Divine; however you describe that in your own world. I like the word divine. That's that connection that you, "You heard it. Are you kidding me? Do know how many people have never heard that voice?"

Sharman: 18:54
That's so true. Yeah. Have just to close down to hear it. Yeah.

Lumari: 18:59
Yeah. I have all that conversation that tells them, you know, no, you really need to be this. It's like... Oh yeah.

Sharman: 19:06
If somebody comes to you, let's just talk. First thing that happens when someone con context you for a session, what does that involve?

Lumari: 19:16

Well, so we have a conversation about
What's happening right now in their life? Because there could be challenges, or they could be goals and dreams. Right. And usually this both. And then, where they want to play. That's how I like to say it. Where do you want to play? So, if you're coming to me and you're saying, "Okay, I've got all of this success and that's all well and good. I'm not happy there anymore. Okay, great. So, let's start opening that joy for you. Let's start opening that creativity. You don't have to do anything about it in the moment. Let's have you experience it first". And then we go into that. And then, as we continue to work, because coaching is more than just one session, then we build on that and we open it. And if there are those conversations, Inner conversations or conversations from other people they keep on.

Sharman: 20:14
Okay. And would it be like a weekly session? Is that how that would work?

Lumari: 20:18
Usually I do once a week and sometimes if I work with somebody, then we do every other week so that they can, you know, be more in action with things and come back.

Sharman: 20:29
I bet it is. Do you ever do group work?

Lumari: 20:32
I do group works and I'm coming out with a new course shortly, that is, "Create and Activate your Bigger Vision". And it's a six week course to actually connect with that bigger part.

Sharman: 20:44

Lumari: 20:44
And shift the energy in play there.

Sharman: 20:47
Well, you must let me know when that happens so I can let our listeners know. I'm looking here at your "It's Jazz". I love this poem and I assume you wrote this, right?

Lumari: 20:59
I did.

Sharman: 21:01
Yeah. It's a good poem and I just love the connections that you make: "Was there any wonder, she felt so confident that she had no clue what was going on? Confident of the unknown. Confident of the road, about to be taken only courage; only heart knew more than she did". That's a beautiful statement because the fear of the unknown is the very thing that stops us from trying. Whereas, you know, I just posted a blog or something about my analogy to that is, Lucy, from the I love Lucy show. When she's standing outside the vat of grapes and she won't get in it. And the other Italian ladies dancing around, bopping around in there and Lucy, like, "I don't want to get in there". And then she puts one toe in and one foot in. And the next thing you know, she's doing a hoedown in the vat of grapes loving it, but she has all this fear. And so in my mind, I'm always like, "Get in there!". I caught myself, shush. "Get in there", shush. Getting that vat start stomping. And it, that image makes me realize on, "I'm afraid I'm going to get in it anyway".

Lumari: 22:10
Confident of the unknown. I think that's beautiful.

Sharman: 22:13
And down at the end. Well, it's beautiful. You captured it. Life is jazz. Improvisation and multiple tempos of now. Yes. And then in the end, you say, "When destiny calls, it's always good to pick up the phone..

Lumari: 22:31
And pick up the tempo.

Sharman: 22:33
Ooh, thank you. Thank you. Now I have a question. But we talked about this at once, Alawashka. Can you, cause I know that's part of your intuitive process. Can you explain that to our listeners?

Lumari: 22:51
I would love to. So, if you don't know what a channel is, I'll give you like a little description. So, a channel is be a person; being an open source for communication. So, I channel. I bring in the frequencies of Alawashka. So, Alawashka is the original, vibrational source and language of creation. So, it is direct connection with creation, not creativity, creation. So, that like huge, vast resource that is always creating. I have a direct connection with that. Alawashka is a language of creation. And that means that words and energies from that, create. So, our language describes and this language creates. So, if you say the word for joy, which is SEMA, all of a sudden the vibration of joy is present. Whereas, when we say joy, first thing happens to us is we remembered. Does that make sense?

Sharman: 24:01
Yeah, it does make sense. And it's clearly something that not everyone possesses the ability to tap in like that, but it does make sense. " What do I connect with the word joy? What will I connect with?" Just the word, the translation of the word, joy, if that is going to bring in the true sense of joy without any connection at all. And that it's just the feeling of joy.

Lumari: 24:26
Yeah. Interesting.

Sharman: 24:28
Yeah. And I know some of your books are written. It says, Alawashka, the language of creation. Alawashka record collective keepers.

Lumari: 24:38
Akashic records.

Sharman: 24:38
Oh, right. I'm sorry. Akashic records. What is that?

Lumari: 24:42
So the Akashic records is like the repository of wisdom. And so, wisdom, meaning everything that has occurred and is likely to occur. So if you imagine like this is, they call it the Akashic records, but it's like a group of beings who love everything that's gone on in the universe and collect that information and share it. And so for me with that book, what's really a fun story, is people were talking about the records of the universe as like very static, right?

Sharman: 25:21

Lumari: 25:22
And, I just decided that I would actually connect with the Akashic records and ask them if I've been interview them so they could tell us what they really were, as opposed to us assuming what we think it is. And that's how that book came about.

Sharman: 25:35
More streams of consciousness that when it's out or not out yet?

Lumari: 25:39
Yeah, that is my new book.

Sharman: 25:41
Oh, okay. Super. Okay. So I'm going to have links for your books, which are all on Amazon. But, all of that information is going to be on the page of the podcast so people can access it. And I just, I want people to know you're the real deal. You are the real deal.

Lumari: 26:00
Thank you.

Sharman: 26:00
I have an interest in these kinds of things. And sometimes I get a sense that it's authentic and sometimes, I don't. But, I get a sense that you are highly authentic and coming from a place of love and honesty.

Lumari: 26:14

Sharman: 26:14
So, is there anything else you'd like our listeners to know?

Lumari: 26:18
Well, I would love for everybody to embrace your personal curiosity. Right. So we're talking about creation and creativity, obviously bloom and music because you and I both have art in our lives. Right? It's the curiosity that actually creates what we create. So, when you're creating music, like you have the notes, you've heard them, then you put them together and go, "oh, I wonder if.." Right? And then new notes come or, new temples com or new lyrics come, and then you go yet without lyrics from another song. This one needs to be here. All of that. And it's a curiosity. It's an open curiosity. It's not like hard research. It's like, "Ooh, I wonder if.." and so, when everybody's playing and listening here for your intuition, for your inspiration, for your curiosity, if you're in that open space of "Ooh, I wonder if.." Imagine our world, your life and our world, right? Like, "I wonder if this's a way that we could grow things that not only replenishes the planet. But, creates a new system by environment. Ooh. I wonder if I could get five people to sing together that I don't even know then what would happen?" Right? All of those different things.

Sharman: 27:49
There is came across a Swedish expression called Niksen, N I K S E N, which is the scale, the art of doing nothing, to allow those kinds of thoughts and free-thinking philosophies, and possibly, you know, ventures to occur because when we're very, very busy there, we don't allow them to come in. But when you're in the midst of Niksen, which is really doing nothing. I don't even mean on the phone, not watching, nothing. Maybe, in the shower, maybe kind of in that senseless kind of driving that we just know the way. So, we're not really thinking. Don't we get ideas. That's when the ideas come during that time too, and making those kinds of connections. And I love stories where people talk about where the first germ of the idea, the first seed of the idea came, and how did they follow through with it? You know, not everybody has to be a creative artist. But, you know, a lot of people say, "oh, well you're a musician, or you're a writer". Whatever. No, it's not that. It's not that at all. It's opening your... how would you describe it?

Lumari: 29:01
I love what you're saying, because the artist; the creator part. That is, I'll use the word A Modality. Right. So, I, depending on what I am in the process of creating and listening to, can write a book in three days because I'm just opening it up to spring, bringing it editing. That's a whole other thing, right?

Sharman: 29:22

Lumari: 29:22
Or, etcetera. But there is communication going on for everyone. It may not be that you're going to paint. Or write a poem. I love writing poetry. So I'm really glad you've read some of that. That was beautiful.

Sharman: 29:37
Oh, yeah.

Lumari: 29:38

But, it could be an inspiration call this person. It could be an inspiration, you know, your room needs to be blue. It could be an inspiration, like take a walk. It could be anything. The universe is communicating. If we're not listening..

Sharman: 29:57

Lumari: 29:58
Then we're not open to that.

Sharman: 30:00

Lumari: 30:01
And that's really important for all of us.

Sharman: 30:04
And here we are with the multi-dimensional flow that impressed me. When did you expand to connect with others? And then who knows how you're going to affect them, what you're going to inspire with them. And I'm a big believer that color, surrounding yourself with the colors, that is really important. Really important to determine what colors bring you joy. Allow that mood to open up to, you know, there are some colors that, I could never be in a yellow room. For me that just doesn't work. So, no. Used to be orange. Can't have it. I can't have it around me. But, lavender and purple and blues and, you know, yes. Yeah.

Lumari: 30:44
Hey, listen. My mother, she painted the living room and dining room pink.

Sharman: 30:50

Lumari: 30:51
It was weirdest thing ever, but she said, "when people walk into a pink room, they're happy and their complexion looks better." It's pink. It's like, okay. But, you see, it was playful.

Sharman: 31:08
It was playful.

Lumari: 31:09
It wasn't about like what was cool. It was like, no, everything looks better. Cause the pink walls reflect on your complexion and you look happier, right? It's like we can play in so many different ways. And that multi-dimensional is like, yes, heart, mind, spirit, the divine coming forward, connecting with other people. And, what's amazing, we're in a time we can connect with people that we never would have met 50 years ago. Never.

Sharman: 31:39
That's so true. Yeah. Yeah.

Lumari: 31:43
You can play.

Sharman: 31:44
Yeah. Look how we can play, which is something that a lot of adults don't allow themselves to do. We surely need a lot more of that. I mean, I.

Lumari: 31:53
Maybe we should. Maybe, we should make group play one hour a day. Maybe that could do the rule.

Sharman: 31:58
I keep coloring books out. I do. Because sometimes just, just diffuses that kind of chaos or irritation. That's I just color it array. You know, if my husband's bugging me about something, I'm sorry... Coloring until like the reds turn into pinks and the midnight blue turns into a sky blue and then, okay, now we can.. Now we can talk about it. All right. so....

Lumari: 32:22
Yeah. I love it!

Sharman: 32:24
So you are, have a gift for people, as you mentioned, if they go to your site.

Lumari: 32:31
So, it is a personal sacred space meditation. So it's an audio meditation that you download and I guide you through an understanding so that you can distinguish your energy from all the other energies that are out there. Now, most people don't know how to do that. Right. So they can't distinguish that they just walked by someone who's really angry and all of a sudden they're annoyed that they just assume that it's still part of them, but it's not. So, this helps you really connect with you, that beautiful being that you are. And then all the other stuff that you may have gathered, it shows you how to release it. And then, create a space where you can see everything that's going on, but you don't absorb it.

Sharman: 33:23
That sounds like a great gift. And, I know it is. Because I already received it. But, I'm just saying for the listeners, you'll be surprised how beneficial it is to you. And it's something new and some something unique. So why not? (L U M A R I) just as simple as you can get, which is good. So, thank you so..

Lumari: 33:49
Oh, sorry for everybody. You can do that meditation any time you can do it when you wake up. You can do it before you go to sleep. You can do it if you actually do have that what I call a straight job in the real world. You can do it at lunch so that you don't absorb all the stuff from everybody else that's there. And I know people who do it in the morning with their whole family at breakfast.

Sharman: 34:09
Oh, that's really nice. That's nice when you can pull the whole team. And yeah, I remember when I was teaching. September to me is always the beginning. And, I always hear from my teacher friends- I taught in a lot of different schools- they always come in all ready to go. They're so passionate about it. They've already been in there two weeks. Getting their rooms set up. Their enthusiasm is up. Come May, April you there dragon. I know we used to get together and I would say, "Come on now! Pick it up! Pick it up! You know, it's, what can we do?" "We got to lift ourselves up. We have to model something positive here. Don't let them get you down". You know, you gotta remember, you gotta remember. Why you're teaching and teaching is a calling, as you know. And especially, it's a calling, it's not for everyone. But, it is a calling. So we have to remind ourselves of that sometimes because other factors do come in and make it rather difficult.

Lumari: 35:06
So definitely. Yeah. And we honor all the teachers.

Sharman: 35:10
Oh, I do. People have no idea how hard they work, you know? Yeah.

Lumari: 35:15
Yeah, they don't..

Sharman: 35:17
Well, thank you so much for your time. This has been a joy. I really do enjoy talking with you.

Lumari: 35:23
Thank you. I have too.

Sharman: 35:26
Okay, everybody, all of Lumari's information is going to be on the podcast page. And, Happy Blooming. And, be well and take advantage of these pearls of wisdom here. Bye-bye.

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