LIVE YOUR BLOOM, the performance

During my 45 min. show, I sing original songs and accompany myself on piano while telling my stories of how I learned to work thru personal blocks and get busy fulfilling procrastinated dreams. My songs range in style and content from being reflective & sensitive to comical & toe-tapping and have always been met with enthusiasm. I especially enjoy talking with people to learn about their unwatered dream seeds.  How often I have heard "I felt like you were telling my story!"

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A little bit of history

Many years ago, while helping my mom water her beloved plants in her green room, she teared up at the site of one small bud on a stubborn African violet that, after constant nurturing, finalize released a single bloom. I remarked "That's a lot of work for only one flower."

She said "Honey, it's not how often you Bloom, just be sure you do". I didn't know why, but I was compelled to write it down.

For over 20 years it kept poking at me and, after much introspection and nurturing, blossomed into Live Your Bloom, a collection of stories and songs about my journey to an incredible, wonderful now.   

What does Live Your Bloom mean? 

To be doing the thing that makes your heart beat faster, gives you goosebumps, gets you up in the morning with a smile or the middle of the night with new ideas, fills you with purpose and happiness, feeds you soul..... know what I'm talking about? 

Living Your Bloom is being energized, planting and watering new dream seeds, breaking new ground, expanding, discovering my purpose and goals and eliminating regrets.

It's the difference between living and just existing. 

Let's Talk!

Pam Olsen,

Olsen Themes, Olsen Reiki, Shiatsu & Massage

Sharman's performances feel intimate, precious, and beautiful. Being there is as witnessing a gorgeous, fresh, red rose budding from it’s home. You listen and watch knowing you are experiencing something perfect. I am proud to attend as often as I can. 

Jake Olinsky, retired teacher

What a fun and unique collection of songs and anecdotes. Sharman is a wonderful story teller, funny yet thought-provoking. Many of us left “Stirred but Not Shaken” and ready to “Bloom”.    


Mt. Holicort Women's Club

Experiencing Sharman as a singer, songwriter, storyteller – IN PERSON -  is as special  as attending a concert by any great artist.  It’s a joy and a privilege.  She is a master songwriter.  Great composers create a universe of their own.  In her performances, Sharman brings us into her world, like a best friend exposing you to something truly wonderful, which she knows will enrich your life. 

Hey Late Bloomers

Got an idea that's begging to be born and Bloom

I've heard similar concerns from many people who've attended my shows and have joined my Bloomers FB community. 

"I'm stuck and don't know where to begin" or "I think it's too late."

Based on all my research and what I have learned, I developed a course called It's Your Time to Bloom, because it is! 

This course will help you identify your dream seeds, and teach you how to nurture them so you can Bloom.