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         Musician, composer, arranger, educator, writer and actress; during her long career, Sharman Nittoli has always been a creator.  She spent many years performing in different genres from solo artist to big bands, from rock and folk to classical and jazz,  including a stint as keyboard player for the 60's group The Duprees.  Her first song-writing credit was for Frank Sinatra with Here's to the Band, also recorded by Frank Sinatra, Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr. 

         With her husband, Alfred Nittoli, she has recorded two CDs, Unconditionally and Double Standards,  and frequently performs at local jazz venues. Together, they also completed co-producing the feature film Does the Band Eat, including writing, directing, editing and composing almost all of the original music. The film is a comic and reflective look at their experiences in the changing music business during the last 50 years and they've entered it into several major film festivals. 

         Sharman's latest solo project, Live Your Bloom,  is an original, introspective and personal collection of stories and original songs about her life's journey which she performs in a one-woman show. She's always looking to help people plant new dream seeds and BLOOM and offers them the opportunity to support each other on her Bloomers Facebook page.


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