Sharman is an eclectic singer/songwriter/pianist who combines different genres in her songs.  Think Joni Mitchell meets Tom Lehrer and Steely Dan. She is known for pouring her soul, talents and skill into whatever style in which she is creating and hopes to help, inspire and uplift her listeners.

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New Podcast Episode with Elisa Di Napoli: Helping artists defeat stage nerves and DARE TO BE SEEN

How many of you pet owners use Chewy for your supplies? Here’s a commercial we wrote for the company starring our very own Gaetano.

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People are saying:


"Such clever lyrics, Sharman"

- Christine Covelli

"Love all your songs..."

- Alexandria Garcia

"Wow! Guitar and piano and voice, sounds terrific."

- Juliet Varnedoe

"Beautiful songs!! Such a fun show tonite! Thanks, Sharman"

- Debi Carpino Korinek

"Loved it. I've never heard of the phrase 'eat that frog' before but it works. Looking forward to the next performance, you have something to say..."

- Margo Pisack

 Unconditionally, the CD

This collection includes 7 original light jazz tunes and 2 unique covers of vintage hits, "Wanna Be With U” by Dusty Springfield and the classic “More Today Than Yesterday” by the Spiral Staircase. The title song is dedicated to Sharman and Alfred’s beloved Llewellin Setter, Gaetano.

The Band

Sharman on vocals and piano, Jerry Bruno & Joel McLeod on bass, Bucky Pizzarelli & Mark Bowers on guitar, Joe Cass, Thomas "Poet" Johnson and RT Roche on drums, George Young on sax, Frank Valdes on percussion and producer and Alfred Nittoli, on Yamaha DW7 Wind synthesizer.

“A cool and relaxed style and a great jazz sensibility that only comes from experience - outstanding lyrics - witty, profound, intimate and shows a wonderful grasp of poetic rhyme."

Alan Paul, from the Manhattan Transfer

"A  great CD - wonderful new songs. Sharman has a voice and style that needs to be heard."

Jerry Bruno, Acoustic Bass player

"Unusual chord patterns and song structure. Lots of smooth surprises. She whispers some of her songs like Julie London - subtle and sexy."

Bucky Pizzarelli, guitarist 

Double Standards, the CD 

This collection contains 9 clever pairings of lyrically related songs produced and performed by Sharman & musician/actor/producer, Alfred Nittoli. Originally, they planned on using only standards, but as the project evolved, they realized that some of their choices could not be considered true standards. So, they wrote the title song, Double Standards, with a comical look at the ‘difference of ladies and men’, and paired it with the standard, Two to Tango. Though disguised by unusual rhythms, tempos, alternate chords and vocal harmonies, you’ll recognize many of the songs.

The Band

David Kikoski and Sharman on piano, Sue Williams on bass, Warren Odze, Frank Vincent, Harry Conyers & RT Roche on drums, Alfred on Sax sections, guest appearances by Dennis Gruenling on harmonica, George Young on soprano & tenor sax, Artie Schroeck on vibes and Joe Passaro on percussion.

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Full Bio

Sharman has been performing and composing alone and with her partner and husband, Alfredo, for many years. She has worked as pianist/vocalist/arranger/producer in different genres from solo artist to big bands, including rock, jazz, folk and classical and served as keyboard player and musical director for the 60s group, the Duprees, performing at many major nostalgia concerts and producing a Duprees Christmas CD. 

They co-wrote the lyrics to “Here’s to the Band”, recorded by Frank Sinatra and later recorded by Liza Minnelli and Sammy Davis Jr. The lyrics state “I’ve been down and out, and I’ve been in demand, but I wouldn’t have made it without them, here’s to the band.”

Sharman recorded two albums in their home studio in Garfield, NJ, Unconditionally and Double Standards.  After working hard during the past few years to develop her Live Your Bloom Project, she says that 2021 will be devoted once again to the creation and recording of a new CD,  Jazz in Bloom. 

She received a BA in music education from Kean University and a MA in communication arts from William Paterson University. Afterwards, she immersed herself in an abundance of musically related independent studies.  

Having worked intermittently as a music and TV production teacher in different school systems, she merged her love of teaching history through music, by serving three Artist in Residence positions at the historic Lowe House in Tubac, Arizona. There she wrote and produced historical musicals for the Montessori elementary students and performed them in the old 1885 school house at the historical Presidio.

As her career followed a natural progression into film, she also studied at New York University and taught film production at the Gordon Parks Academy for Radio, Film & TV in East Orange, NJ. She says, "One of the most rewarding teaching positions I had in my career, Meeting Mr. Parks was extraordinary. He was a true Renaissance Man."

Recently, she and her husband co-produced the feature film Does the Band Eat, currently on Amazon Prime, a comic semi- autobiographical look at her husband’s 60 years in the ever-changing music business. They composed most of the music and Sharman served as co-writer, director, music supervisor and editor, as well as enjoying a small character role asa wayward nun. The film is loosely based on their book, I’m a Popular Unknown.

She performs every first and third Monday night in her online concert series Music in Bloom, which can be seen on Facebook @LiveYourBloom and You Tube @Sharman Nittoli Music. 

                                                                                       Bloom, the beautiful, ongoing journey of evolving.